Color Printing Now
Artwork Requirements

If you are providing digital artwork for your printing job call us first so we can assure it is in correct form.

Below are guidelines:

All pictures must be in CMYK format.
Text must be converted to outlines/curves to avoid font issues.
A hard copy proof or PDF must be provided so we know what your art should look like.
Digital files only - no film.

All business cards & postcards should have exactly .0625 (1/16th inch) bleed on all sides - no more, no less.
All fliers/brochures/postcards should have .125 (1/8th inch) bleed on all sides.

We can accept files on CD. Or, if file is under 10 MB you can email it to:
If you email file, you must fax or mail a hard copy proof or include PDF proof if file not already in PDF format.

PDF files are preferred. Make sure to include bleeds when saving to PDF. Make sure images are min. 200 dpi and preferrably 300 dpi and are in CMYK format - NOT RGB! Embed ALL fonts. If possible save as PDF /X 1a format.

Mac or PC are OKů. We prefer not to receive QUARK files. If you use Quark, you must include all fonts. Corel Draw, Illustrator files are OK (convert all fonts to outlines/curves). Photoshop files are OK. Pagemaker files are OK (include all fonts). Microsoft Publisher is NOT acceptable. Print Shop and other 'home' type programs are not acceptable.
If in doubt, call.

It is best to call to verify your format before sending files. Call 714-965-7501.